(Bishop of London)

Born: ABT 1559, Worminghall, Buckinghamshire, England

Died: 30 Mar 1621, London, Middlesex, England

He studied at the Westminster School and at Christ Church, Oxford (B.A., 1580; M. A., 1583; B.D., 1591; D.D., 1601) and, on taking orders, became domestic chaplain to John Piers, Archbishop of York. He was made archdeacon of Nottingham 1590, rector of St. Andrew, Holborn, 1597, prebendary of St. Paul's 1599, dean of Christ Church, Oxford, 1605, prebendary of Lincoln 1610, and Bishop of London 1611.

He was vice-chancellor of the University of Oxford 1607-10, and was also a royal chaplain, both under Queen Elizabeth and James I, who styled him the "King of preachers". The report that on his death-bed he became reconciled to the Church of Rome is unfounded. He published several single sermons and Lectures upon Jonas, Delivered at Yorke in . . . 1594 (Oxford, 1597), reprinted in Nichols' Commentaries of the Puritan Period (vol. i., London, 1864).



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