Genealogy: Building a Legacy and Home

Building a legacy usually involves family that spans generations. As you're living your life, it can be interesting to think about relatives who came before you and contributed to who and where you are today. Imagining future family members who will come after you can also give you a fascinating perspective. Your home can also be a big part of your legacy, so home improvement and renovation projects will be important milestones.

Studying Genealogy

Genealogy involves studying and tracing your family history. With this research, you can discover lines of descent that span multiple generations, including grandparents, great-grandparents, and more. Accessing documents such as birth certificates, adoption certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates is a part of the research process. By putting clues together, you can create an outline of the lives of people who lived before you.

Creating a Home for Generations

Although genealogy involves research of family history, a part of your current family history may involve home renovation and remodeling to create the house you want for your family. Careful planning is important to ensure a successful home improvement project. Many cities manage home improvement programs designed to assist residents with financing to pay for these expenses. You may also receive tax incentives for completing this work, especially if you enhance the energy efficiency of your home.


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