Eleanor PERCY

(D. Buckingham)

Born: 1470, Leaconsfield, Yorkshire, England

Died: 13 Feb 1530

Father: Henry PERCY (4 E. Northumberland)

Mother: Maud HERBERT (C. Northumberland)

Married: Edward STAFFORD (3 D. Buckingham) 14 Dec 1490


1. Elizabeth STAFFORD (D. Norfolk)

2. Henry STAFFORD (1 B. Stafford)

3. Mary STAFFORD (B. Abergavenny)

4. Catherine STAFFORD (C. Westmoreland)

Married: 2: John AUDLEY of Hodnill

Daughter of Henry Percy, 4th earl of Northumberland, and Maud Herbert. She may have been brought up in the household of Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond, along with her future husband, Edward Stafford, 3rd duke of Buckingham and his brother Henry. They married on 14 Dec 1490. Their children were Elizabeth, Henry, Catherine, and Mary.

She was at the Field of Cloth of Gold in 1520, but the very next year her husband was attainted for treason and his titles and lands were forfeit to the Crown. Eleanor was left with her jointure lands in Northamptonshire and Wiltshire, worth 2000 marks/year.

Eleanor's second husband was John Audley of Hodnill. She appears to be the lady referred to in Wriothesley's 'Chronicle': "...This yeare [1538] the 19th day of August, beinge Monday, Mr. John Audley departed out of this world at mydnight at his place of Hodnill, in Warwyckeshire, which sayd Mr. Audley was husband to the Duches of Buckingham, departed, and after was marryed to Maister Spencers wyfe of Warwickshire, which remayned nowe his wydowe..."

Her will, written on 24 Jun 1528, proved 15 May 1531, requested that her heart be buried in the Church of the Grey Friars in London and her body in the Church of the White Friars in Bristol, "if I shall happen to decease in those parts".

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