Born: 1498, Kexby, Yorkshire, England

Died: AFT 20 Jun 1568

Father: Henry OUGHTRED (Sir Knight)

Mother: Agnes CONSTABLE

Married: Elizabeth FAIRFAX 24 Jan 1511, England


1. Henry OUGHTRED (Sir Knight)

2. Dorothy OUGHTRED

3. Robert OUGHTRED

Son of Sir Henry Oughtred and his wife, Agnes Constable, he was born in 1498. He married Elizabeth Fairfax, dau. of William Fairfax of Steeton and Elizabeth Manners, in 1511.

In 1520 he sold his manors of Skagglethorpe and Red House to his great uncle, Sir Anthony Oughtred. He was in Wolsey’s suite on his embassy to France at the Calais Conference in 1521. He took part in the Duke of Suffolk’s inconclusive expedition to Picardy and Normandy in 1523. He was knighted on the banks of the River Somme. In 1524 Sir Robert Oughtred sold Kexby to John Allen, but Thomas Wolsey intervened and bought it himself. After Wolsey's attainder in 1530 the King granted the manor of Kexby for life to Sir Anthony Oughtred and his wife Elizabeth Seymour in 1531 and then granted it in reversion to Sir Robert Oughtred in 1552. The following year it was settled upon Sir Robert's daughter Dorothy on her marriage with John Constable.

Captain of Guisnes, 1524. In 1527 pawned his best clothes to a Thomas Stevenson of London, a pastler. He and Elizabeth admitted to the Guild of Corpus Christi, York. During the Northern Rebellion, he was in Pontefract Castle when it was surrendered to the rebels. He was present in the field with the rebels when they were promised a pardon by the Duke of Norfolk. Teller of the change of coinage at the mint in the Tower 1550 - 1552. He was in France in 1551 with the English Ambassador, Sir William Pickering. Pickering’s mother, Eleanor, was sister of Robert’s wife. Their son and heir, Robert, was living in 1551 but did not survive them. Some sources says he was the father of Sir Henry Oughtred, but he was not his heir. His daughter, Dorothy, and now heir, married John Constable of Everingham before 1564. He died in 1573 and she then married a John Derrick who was arrested and accused of bigamy. She died in 1601. Her son Marmaduke Constable died in 1585 and his son Marmaduke, then aged 8, became the heir.

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