Bishops of Salisbury

(From 1058 to 1558)




Year of
appointment and termination
Herman   1058-1078
St. Osmund    1078-1099
Roger of Salisbury   1103-1142
Joscelin   1142-1184
Hubert Walter   1189-1194
Herbert Poore   1194-1217
Richard Poore   1217-1229
Robert Bingham   1229-1247
William of York   1247-1257
Giles De Birdport   1257-1263
Walter De La Wyle   1263-1274
Robert De Wykehampton   1274-1284
Walter Scammel   1284-1287
Henry De Braundeston   1287-1289
William De La Corner   1289-1292
Nicholas Longespee   1292-1297
Simon of Ghent   1297-1315
Roger De Mortival   1315-1330
Robert Wyville   1350-1375
Ralph Erghum   1375-1388
John Waltham   1388-1395
Richard Mitford   1395-1407
Nicholas Bubwith   1407-1408
Robert Hallam   1408-1417
John Chandler   1417-1427
Robert Neville   1427-1438
William Ayscough   1438-1450
Richard Beauchamp   1450-1482
Lionel Woodville   1482-1485
Thomas Langton   1485-1494
John Blythe   1494-1499
Henry Deane   1499-1502
Edmund Touchet   1502-1524
Lorenzo Campeggio

deprived of title

Nicholas Shaxton   1535-1539
John Capon alias 'Salcot'

One of the commissioners who condemned John Bradford, Laurence Saunders and Rowland Taylor to death. Cranmer was asked by Dr Capon to be a founding fellow of Wolsey's college. John Capon examined John Maundrel, John Spicer and William Coberley. The examinations of John Hunt and Richard White before the bishops of Salisbury and Gloucester (Brookes and Capon), Dr. Geffre (chancellor) took place on 26 Apr 1557. Foxe says that John Capon died shortly before the death of Mary, 6 Oct 1557.

William Peto

Mathematics Professor. Franciscan friar. Confessor to Queen Mary I. Cardinal and Papal Legate in England. Nominated Bishop of Salisbury. d.1558.

Francis Mallet

Nominated by Queen Mary 14 Oct 1558 but not consecrated and set aside on her death

1558-17 Nov 1558
John Jewell


Edmund Geste

Translated from Rochester; almoner

John Piers

Translated from Rochester; almoner; translated to York

1577-1 Feb 1589
Two years vacancy   1589-1591
John Coldwell

Dean of Rochester

Henry Cotton

Prebendary of Winchester



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