(28 Jul 1562)


T{estamentum} Ioh{ann}is de Vere Comit{is} de Oxinford

In the name of God Amen. I Iohn de Veer Erle of Oxinforde, Lorde greate Chamberlayne of Englonde Vicounte Bulbeck &c, being of hole and parfecte mynde, and by the grace of almightie God in parfect Love and Charitie with all the worlde, doe make ordayne and declare this my presente testament and laste will the xxviij of Iulij in the yere of o{u}r Lorde God 1562 / and in the fourth yere of the Raigne of \\o{u}r// soueraigne Ladye Elizabeth, by the grace of God Quene of Englond ffrance and Irelande deffendor of the fayth &c. In manner and forme following. That ys to saye ffirst I doe vtterly and clerely forsake renounce and repell, all and singuler willes testament{es} bequest{es} and Legac{ies} at any tyme or in any wyse by me heretofore willed bequeathed made or spoken, and doe ordayne make allowe, and constitute this my only laste will and testament and none other. And herin towching the first parte I co{m}mytt my soule vnto the eternall god my maker, and creator, and to Iesus Criste his only sonne my sauio{u}r and redemer, by the merit{es} of whose death and passion I doe stedfastly beleve to haue remission of all my synnes. Secondly I commytt my boddye to therth from whence yt cam. And I will that my sepulcre be made in the boddie of the churche of Erls co^\\l//me [sic] after suche manner and in suche place, as by the dyscrec{i}on of myne executors shall seeme moste conuenyente / And therin my boddye to be layed in convenient tyme, after my deceace oute of this worlde. / And at the daye of my buriall I will that my executors shall giue and bestowe in deed{es} of charitie to the releef of the poore, or other godly vses, as shall by them, be thoughte mete tenne poundes of good and laufull monney of Englonde. Thirdly I bequeath my good{es}, and parte of my Landes, and tennement{es} to the worlde to be distributed as hereafter followeth. That ys to saye I will that my house wherin I shall have and kepe my housholde, at the tyme of my decease, by the clemency and permission of my saide moste graci{o}us soueraigne Ladye the Quenes maiestie shalbe maintayned and kept by myne Executors after my death, with and of my Stoers of Oxen, bullock{es}, shepe, fowles, fishe malte whete, and other Leyke prouision of victuall, grayne and spyce vntill thende of one moneth next after my deceace, in as ample and large manner, as I my selfe kepe and maintaine the same during the moneth next before my death, withoute diminuc{i}on of my housholde s{er}uau{n}t{es} or of any other which shall fortune to dwell and remaine in my saide house at my decease, saue such as will voluntaryly departe oute from the same. Also I giue and bequeath vnto every of my servaunt{es} being in my wages [+at] the tyme of my decease his quarters wag{es} in whiche I fortune to departe oute of this trancitory lyef. Also I will & bequeath | vnto the seu{er}all boxes for the poore in Castill Hedingh{a}m, Sibley Hedingh{a}m, nether Geldh{a}m Tilbury next Clare, Wivenhoe, and Gestingthorp Lamm{er}she, Toppisfilde, Cockfield, Erles Colne Colne Wake, White Colne, Gaines Colney St Swythins parrish at London stone, Lavenham Este Bergholte, Tadingstone, Aldh{a}m Swaffh{a}m Bulbeck and toward the reperac{i}on of the Highe Waye Leading from Erles Colne to Cogeshall. That ys to saye for the rep{er}ac{i}on of the saide Highe Waye tenne poundes of good and laufull monney of Englonde, and the Sume of fyftie pound{es} of good and laufull monney of Englond to be devided and distributed amongest the saide townes according to the discrec{i}on of myne executors. And by vertue of one acte of Parliament holden at Westm{inster} in the fyfte and sixth yeres of the Raigne of the late King of famos memory, Edward the Syxth Provided. I will and bequeath to my righte [and] loving and welbeloued wief the Ladye Margery Countes of Oxford in parte of a recompence of and for all suche her dowry as she or any other in her name or for her can or maye at any tyme hereafter haue challenge or demaunde oute of any of my landes or tennement{es}. Except suche as I have giuen vnto her being contained in a late deede of intayle the Mannors of Tylbury next Clare Downeh{a}m Easton Hall, nether Halle in Gestinghthorpe Garnons in Tendring, and Brownes tennement in Toppisfielde in the Countie of Essex and the Mannors of Eston Mawdet Thorp Malisford, and Marston Trussell with theyre app{ur}te{n}au{n}c{es} within the Countie of Northampton, and the Mannor of Bylton with thapp{ur}tenau{n}c{es} in the Countie of Warwyk, And all and singuler the landes and tennement{es} called Paynes in Pentlowe with thapp{ur}tenau{n}c{es}. To haue and to holde all and singuler the saide Mannors, and other ^\\the// premisses, with all and singuler theire app{ur}tenau{n}c{es} vnto my saide Wyef for the terme of her lyefe. Item I will giue and bequeath vnto my sayde wyef to her proper vse all suche plate as hath byn giuen vnto her, either for newe yeres gift{es}, or the christeninge of any of her children. And also ij hundreth ounc{es} of my plate, to be deliuered vnto her by the dyscrec{i}on of ^\\the most p{ar}te of// my executors, with all her Iuell{es} and Apparrell belonging to her boddie. And I will giue and bequeath to my sayde wyef to her owne proper vse, all suche householde stuf as ys contayned in a scedule written in pape{r} hereunto annexed, to be deliuered vnto her by my saide Executors within viij week{es} after my ^\\said// deceace. Item I will giue and bequeath vnto my sonne Edwarde Lorde Bulbeck one thousande mark{es} of laufull monney of Englonde to be payed vnto hym by my saide executors, as yt maye conuenyentlye be levied of the mannors landes and tennement{es} hereafter by me bequeathed to the vse of this my laste will. And in case the saide Edward my sonne shall fortune to deceace, before he shall accomplish his full age of xxj yeres, Than I will the saide thousand mark{es} to be equally devided betwene my saide wyef and ^\\my// daughter Mary to be payed to them as ys aforesaide. Also I will give and bequeath vnto the saide Edwarde my Sonne all the reste of my plate not giuen and bequeathed in this my laste will and testamente, together with all suche other householde stuf, armor artillary, and weapons, as are not appointed, and bequeathed to my sayde Wyef / All whiche plate stuff and other thing{es} to be deliuered vnto hym by my saide executors at his full age of xxj yeres / yf he shall soe longe lyve. And yf yt fortune ye saide Edwarde to deceace before he shall accomplish his saide full age, Then I will all the saide plate stuff and other thing{es} to be equally devided by myne executors to my saide wief, and the Lady Mary my daughter. And I will giue and bequeath to my loving sonne in Lawe the Lorde Wyndsor, and to my daughter the Lady Katheren his Wief three hundreth mark{es} of laufull monney of Englonde to be payed by my executors as yt shall ryse and maye conveniently be levyed of my Landes and tennement{es} hereafter appointed to the performance of this my laste will. And I giue to every gentle woman whiche shall attende and be in service with my saide wyef at the tyme of my deceace not amounting above the number of six, six poundes thirtene shilling{es} fower pence to be payed to them within one yere next after my decease. Item I giue and bequeath to ye Lady Mary my daughter, the some of twoe thousand mark{es}, to be payed vnto her by my saide executors at the daye of her marryage. Item yf my saide daughter fortune to | dye I will the sayd monney to be deuided betwene my saide wief and Edward Lorde Bulbeck my sonne. Item I giue and bequeath to the ij sonnes of my brother Awlbry Veer, That ys to saye Hugh and Iohn to either of them twentie poundes to be payed vnto them by myne executors, when they come to theire seuerall ages of xxjti yeres. And I giue and bequeath to Anne Verre eldest daught{er} of my saide brother Awlbry one hundreth mark{es}, and to either of his other daughters Britgett and Jane fortie poundes to be payed to them at the seuerall dayes of theire marriag{es}. Item I bequeth to my brother Robert Veeres daughter fortie poundes, to be payed at the daye of her marryage. And I giue and bequeath to either of the ij Sonnes of my brother Ieffrey xxli to be payed vnto them at theire ag{es} of xxj yeres. Item I will giue and bequeath to every one of my s{er}uau{n}t{es} whiche be written and named in a scedule hereunto annexed which shalbe and contynue in my s{er}vice at the tyme of my deceace, all suche some and sommes of monney as to hym ys Lymmyted and appointed to be payed in the same scedule, the same to be payed to every of my saide servaunt{es} by myne executors of this my laste will and testamente, within as short a tyme after my decease as they conuenyently maye. Item I will giue and bequeath vnto my three loving systers the Lady Darcy, the Ladye Surrey, and the Ladye Sheffeilde, to either of them one of my cupps of siluer and gilte That haue byn given me for New yeres gift{es} for a remembrance of me to be deliuered vnto them by my saide Executors. And I will giue and bequeath vnto my very good Lorde S{i}r Nicholas Bacon knight Lorde Keper of the greate Seale of Englond tenne poundes and one of my greate horses / And to my righte trustie and louing frende S{i}r Will{ia}m Cecill Knyghte tenne poundes and one ^\\other// of my greate horses, to be payed and deliuered vnto them by myne executors within a conuenient tyme after my decease. And I righte hartelye beseche them to be aiding and assisting to my saide executors for the better fulfilling of this my wyll, and to my servant{es} for the enioyeng of all suche Legac{es}, and graunt{es} as I have now given and heretofore made vnto them / Item where I haue heretofore demysed and to farm letten to my s{er}uau{n}t Roberte Christmas the Mannor of Walborne in the Countie of Norff. for terme of xxj yeres, my meaning ys, and I doe now giue and bequeath vnto the sayde Roberte the same Lease during the terme aforesaide withoute any manner of Lett of any p{er}son or p{er}sons what so eu{er} they be. The residue of all and singuler my good{es} Chattall{es} Iuell{es} app{ar}ell and debt{es} owing vnto me, and other thing{es} not before by me bequeathed / I will giue and bequeath vnto myne executors hereunder named toward{es} the payment of my debt{es} and fulfilling of this my last wyll and testamente. And I hartely require and charge my sayde Executors that they doe contente and paye or cause to be contented and payd in as convenient tyme as they maye after my deceace all suche debt{es} as I owe vnto any man, and also to p{er}forme and paye all suche gift{es} and legac{es} as be contayned in this my laste will and Testamente / and in the saide Scedule herunto annexed and eyther of them. And I wyll bequeath and assigne vnto my saide executors toward{es} the performance of this my laste wyll and testamente the Mannors of Tedinstone and Aldham with theire app{u}rtenau{n}c{es} in the Countie of Suff' and all and singuler my messuag{es} Landes tennement{es} and hereditament{es} in Tadingstone Aldeham and Hadley in the saide Countie of Suff' and the Manno{u}rs of Walborne in the Countie of Norf' And all and singuler my Landes tennement{es} and hereditament{es} in Walborne or elce where in the saide Countye of Norff' and my mannors of Wyvenhoo Newars Badelswyke, muche Canfield, muche Bentley, Dudhinghurste, Lammersh, and Colne Wake with theire app{ur}tenau{n}c{es}, in the Countie of Essex, and all and singuler my landes tennement{es} and hereditament{es} in Wyvenhoo Newyeres, Badelswyke, Alresforde, Grenested, Estdolylond muche Canfield moche Canfielde, Little Canfield high Roding, Hatfielde Reg{is} muche Bentley ffrating Dudinghi{r}st Shenfield Lamersh muche Henney, Alphumpstone Wak{es} Colne w{i}t{h}in the saide Countie of Essex. To haue and to holde all and singuler the saide mannors messuag{es} Landes tennement{es} and hereditament{es} vnto the same myne executors, ymmedyatly from and after my deceace vnto thende and terme of xxti yeres from the ^\\t{er}me// nexte following fully to be compleat and ended. And the executors of this my laste will I doe ordaine constitute, and make my righte Loving and welbeloued Wief Margery Counties of Oxenforde my Sonne Edwarde [....] Lorde Bulbeck my loving frende S{i}r Iohn Wentworth Knighte, and he to haue for his paynes in that behalf twentie poundes my trustie s{er}uau{n}t{es} Henry Golding Robert Christmas and Iohn Turnor. And the Supervisor of this my will I ordayne and make my singuler good Lord the Duk{es} grace of Norfolk and my Lorde Robert Dudley, and either of them to have for theyre paynes twentie poundes and one of my best horses or gelding{es}. In witnes whereof to this my Last Will and testamente I haue subscribed my name and setto my Seale of Armes the daye and yere aboue written. Oxenforde.

Memorandum this will was signed sealed a[[nd]] delyuered by the w{i}t{h}in named Erle as his last will and testament in the p{re}sence of suche p{er}[[sons]] as haue hereunder subscribed their names [[viz.]] Harrye Walker roger Ponder Clerke Iohn Ludnam / Iasper Iones Iohn Lovell Thomas Coe William Hill Edmunde ffrecke

The Scedule whereby and wherin I Iohn de Veer Erle of Oxinforde haue appointed vnto my welbeloued wief the Ladye Margery Counties of Oxinford certaine of my housholde stuff and other thing{es}.

ffyrst a trussing Bedd With hanging{es} of Crymson veluet powdred with angell{es} and brodering flowers, paned with white Dammask.

Item a trussing bedd hanging of purple tynsell satten paned with blacke veluet powdred with Clowdes weping eyes and dropps With v Curtaynes of blue sarsnet.

Item a trussing bedd hanging of blue tynsell satten payned with redd veluet powdred with pownegarnet{es} with three curtaynes of red and blue sarsnet.

Item a sparver of grene dammask paned with tynsell satten of bridg{es} with courtens of redd and [s] yollowe sarsnett made faste to the same.

Item a Sparver of estate of red satten powdred with blew bores and letters, and my olde Lordes Armes.

Item ij counterpoint{es} of Venus and Cupyde.

Item one quilte of red sarsnett.

Item a Counterpointe of tapstrye having St George in yt.

Item a Counterpointe of tapsterye with ij greyhoundes in yt and hunting stories.

Item a Counterpointe of course counterfett arras with a greate Lyon in yt.

Item vj peec{es} of tapstrye verdures and beast{es}.

Item vj pec{es} of hanging{es} sometyme for the greate Chamber at Colne.

ffether bedd{es} xij.

Quisshins xij.
Carpett{es} for tables, and Cupbordes x.
Shetes xij payre
blanket{es} tenn payre
Item twoe chaires of crymson veluet.
Item one chaire of Black Veluet.

(signed) Oxenforde

The names of my servaunt{es} to whome I haue giuen the severall Somes ensuinge.


Henry Golding esquire xxli
Robarte Christmas xxli
Iohn Turnor xxli
Iohn Both xxli
Iohn Ludham xxli
Iohn Lovell xxli
Iasper Iones xxli
Thomas Iarman xli
Thomas Edon xli
George Tyrell xli
Will{ia}m Hyll xxli
Iohn Clippesbye xli
Thom{a}s Sholdham xli
Thomas Saintione xli
Edward MacWill{ia}m xli
William Brewster xli
Richard Bolande xli
ffrauncis Barnars xli
Roger Clopton xli
Robert Thorpe xli
Edmonde ffreke xli
Roger Ponder xli
Iohn Caroe xli


Iohn Lynnet lxvjs viijd
Iohn Smyth iijli vj viijd
Thurston ffytt{es} iijli vj viijd
Iohn Carter iijli vj viijd
George Massie iijli vj viijd
^\\Lawrence Ayleston iijli vj viijd//
Iohn Butcher iijli vj viijd
Iohn Bridge iijli vj viijd
Lewis Iegon iijli vj viijd
Iohn Crabb iijli vj viijd
Richard Bull iijli vj viijd
George Warde iijli vj viijd
Will{ia}m Grave iijli vj viijd
Thomas Bridge iijli vj viijd
Robarte Reade iijli vj viijd
Geffrey Lovell iijli vj viijd
Iohn Potter iijli vj viijd
Henry Pullen iijli vj viijd
Thomas Robinson iijli vj viijd
Will{ia}m Barret iijli vj viijd
Iohn Gyver iijli vj viijd
Thomas Smyth iijli vj viijd

Thomas Hughis iijli vj viijd
Richard Wood iijli vj viijd
Roberte Symon iijli vj viijd
Edmonde Chapman iijli vj viijd
Roberte Will{ia}ms iijli vj viijd
Iohn Davye iijli vj viijd
Iohn ffurlonge iijli vj viijd
Thomas Christmas iijli vj viijd

Henry Wood iijli vj viijd
Rob{er}t Parker iijli vj viijd
Henry ffawconer iijli vj viijd
Anthony Denny iijli vj viijd
Iohn Baude iijli vj viijd
Iohn Knyghte iijli vj viijd
Thomas Water iijli vj viijd
Albon Bridge iijli vj viijd
Iames Gorrell iijli vj viijd
Adam Pollie iijli vj viijd
Robert Pollye iijli vj viijd
Warton Borow iijli vj viijd
Lewis Hunger iijli vj viijd
Lawrence Ailston iijli vj viijd


Will{ia}m Lyster xls
Peter Pudney xls
Iohn Pudney xls
the boy of the Stable xls
Robert Woodfen xls
Thomas Iohnson xls
Iohn Bigg xls
Edwarde Richard{es} xls
Iohn Lyllye xls
Iohn ffook{es} xls
Roberte Mortimer xls
Iohn Stokes xls
{Christ}opher Metcalf xls
Thomas Boman xls
Iohn Grene xls
Iohn Webbe xls
Thomas Man xls
Iohn Roguls xls
Iasper Harvye xls
Richard Harris xls
Thomas Chalis xls
Iames ffen xls

[Probated 29 May 1563]

Memorand{um} this will was signed sealed and delivered by the w{i}t{h}in named earle as his last will and testament in the p{re}sence of suche p{er}s[[ons]] as haue hereunder subscribed their names [[viz.]] Harrye Walker Roger Ponder Clerke Joh[[n]] Ludham Jasper Jones John Lovell Thomas Coo William Hill Edmunde ffrecke

This is John De Vere's third known will. The first being the will, now lost, made in 1548 at Somerset's direction. The second will, of 1552, reveals that Lady Mary Vere was not yet born as of 28 January 1554.

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