Life in Tudor Times

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Description of Henry VII

Description of Henry VIII

Description of Anne Boleyn

Description of Lady Jane Grey

Description of Mary I

Descriptions of Elizabeth I

Daily Life

Tudor Royal Household

The Court of Star Chamber

Field of the Cloth of Gold

Royal Supremacy and the English Reformation

Supression of the English Monasteries

Christening of Prince Edward

Executors of Henry VIII's Will

Book of Common Prayer

Queen Elizabeth Suitors

Food and Drink


Magic and witchcraft



Sports and Pastimes

Sweating Sickness

Contemporary Documents

Patent to John Cabot Expedition

Letter by Cardinal Castelli to Henry VII (1504)

Coronation of Anne Boleyn (1533)

Birth and Christening of Elizabeth (1533)

King Edward VI Journal

A Letter to King Edward VI from his sister Elizabeth

King Edward VI Will

Proclamation of the Accesion of Queen Jane

Letter announcing the Accesion of Lady Jane Grey

List of state papers of the Reign of Queen Jane

Proclamation of the Accesion of Queen Mary

Execution of Queen Jane

List of state papers of the Reign of Queen Mary

A Letter to Queen Mary from her sister Elizabeth

Preparations of Queen Mary's marriage

Letter describing the arrival of Felipe, etc.

The Marriage of Queen Mary

Queen Mary´s will

Elizabeth's Response to a Parliamentary Delegation on Her Marriage (1559)

Elizabeth's Response to Erik of Sweden proposal (1560)

Elizabeth's Response to a Parliamentary Delegation on Her Marriage (1566)

Pope Pio V's Bull against Queen Elizabeth (1570)

Drake Expedition (1585)

Execution of Mary Stuart (1586)

Elizabeth's Letter to Mary, Queen of Scots (1586)

Elizabeth's Letter to James VI of Scotland (1587)

A Private Audience with Elizabeth (1597)

Selected Writings and Speeches of Elizabeth

Acts and Laws

Act of Attainder

The Buggery Act (1533)

The Act of Supremacy (1534)

Act for the Dissolution of the lesser Monasteries (1536)

Act for the Dissolution of the greater Monasteries (1539)

Act of Six Articles (1539)

Act of Uniformity (1549)

The Act of Supremacy (1559)

The 39 Articles (1563)

The Bond Of Association (1584)

The Act of Association (1585)


Titles and Offices

Ecclesiastical Titles

Government Titles

Household Titles

Other Titles

Other Rulers

Parliaments and Speakers of the House of Commons

Knights of the Garter

Aldermen of London

Mayors and Sheriffs of London

Sheriffs of Buckingham

Sheriffs of Lancashire

Sheriffs of Lincoln

Sheriff of Rutland

Sheriff of Somerset

Sheriffs of Wiltshire

Governors of The Island of Jersey

Battles and Rebellions

The Battle of Bosworth Field (22 Aug 1485)

The Battle of Stoke (16 Jun 1487)

The Blackheath Rebellion (1497)

The Battle of the Spurs (16 Aug 1513)

The Battle of Flodden (9 Sep 1513)

The Pilgrimage of Grace (1536/7)

The Battle of Solway Moss (24 Nov 1542)

Prayer Book Rebellion (1549)

Kett's Rebellion (1549)

Wyatt Rebellion (1554)

Dudley Conspiracy (1555)

Stafford´s Raid (1557)

The Northern Rebellion (1569)

The Ridolfi Plot (1571)

The Throckmorton Plot (1583)

William Parry Plot (1585)

The Babington Plot (1586)

Defeat of the Spanish Armada (1588)

Dr. Lopez Plot (1594)

Essex's Rebellion (1601)


Tudor London

Barking Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey

Reading Abbey

Shaftesbury Abbey

Syon Abbey

Wilton Abbey


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