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Henrician Lords:

Duke of Suffolk (Brandon)
Earl of Wiltshire (Boleyn) Earl of Bridgewater (Daubeney) Earl of Southampton (Fitzwilliam)
B. Audley of Walden B. Bray B. Grey of Lisle B. Hussey of Sleaford B. Marney
B. Montague (Pole) B. Parr of Horton   B. Poynings B. Talboys of Kyme

Royal  Cousins, ¿Royal Enemies?:

Duke of Buckingham (Stafford)

Marquis of Exeter (Courtenay)

By her own right (women who had noble titles):

Anne Boleyn (Marchioness of Pembroke)

Margaret Pole (Countess of Salisbury)


The "Good Duke" and the "Wicked Duke" in Edward VI´s time:

Somerset (Seymour) Northumberland (Dudley)

Marian Lords:

Hastings of Loughborough Williams of Thame

Extinct titles during Tudor times:

Duke of Suffolk (De La Pole)

Marquis of Dorset (Grey)

Earl of Rivers (Woodville)
B. Ferrers of Chartley B. Ferrers of Groby B. Fitzhugh of Ravensworth B. Grey of Codnor
B. Grey of Powis B. Greystoke of Greystoke B. Hastings of Hastings B. Hungerford of Heytesbury
B. Ros of Hamlake B. Ros of Kendal B. Scrope of Masham B. Strange of Knockin
  B. Strange of Blackmere B. Willoughby of Eresby  

Old Great Families

Bigod Bohun Ferrers Montague

Some Irish Peerage:

Earl of Ormonde (Butler) Earl of Kildare (Fitzgerald) Earl of Desmond (Fitzgerald) Earl of Clanricarde (Burgh)

Some Scotish Peerage:

Earl of Angus (Douglas) Earl of Angus (Stuart)

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Elizabethan Peerage

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