Sir Hugh LUTTRELL, Knight

Born: 1456, Dunster, Somerset, England

Died: BET 1 Feb 1519/20 - 1523, East Quantoxhead, Somerset, England

Buried: East Quantoxhead, Somerset, England

Father: James LUTTRELL (Sir Knight)

Mother: Elizabeth COURTENAY

Married 1: Margaret HILL (b. ABT 1467 - d. 1508) (dau. of Robert Hill and Alice Stourton, B. Daubeney) 1487


1. Andrew LUTTRELL (Sir Knight)


3. Eleanor LUTTRELL

Married 2: Walthera YARD (w.1 of Walter Yorke - w.2 of Thomas Drelne) ABT Jan 1508

Mentioned by Hollingshed and other historians amongst the persons of note in the west, who joined the Earl of Richmond at his landing, and were afterwards instrumental in quelling the Devonshire insurrection.

When the successful issue of Bosworth placed the crown upon Richmond's head, as Henry VII, Hugh presented a petition to the King in Parliament setting forth that his father had been attainted 'for the true faith and allegiaunce which he owid unto the right famous prince of moost blessed memory, then his soveraine lord, Henry late King of England the sixth', and praying that the act of attainder should be repealed, and consequent letters patent made void. His petition was readily granted and the agents of the Earl of Huntingdon made way for the rightful lord of Dunster.

He was also created a Knight of the Bath at the Coronation of Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII, in Nov 1487. When Catalina of Aragon came to England to marry Arthur, Prince of Wales, Sir Hugh Luttrell was one of the seven knights who were selected to accompany her.

He married Margaret Hill, daughter of Robert Hill, and half-sister (maternally) of Lord Daubeney, K.G., and secondly, Walthera, widow of Thomas Drelne.

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