Simon LUTTRELL of Luttrellstown

Born: ABT 1548

Father: Thomas LUTTRELL of Luttrellstown (Sir)

Mother: Elizabeth BATHE

Married 1: Dau. GAYDON


1. Thomas LUTTRELL of Luttrellstown


Married 2: Elizabeth FINGLAS


3. Nicholas LUTTRELL (d. 1610)

Simon Luttrell was only a youth at the time of his father's, Sir Thomas, death, and six years after he succeeded to Luttrellstown, in 1566, he entered Lincoln's Inn as a student. He soon settled down to the duties of his position, and we find him acting as a Commissioner for the muster of the militia and sending two archers to the hosting against Shane O'Neill, and three to the hosting at Tara Hill.

He was twice married, his first wife being a Miss Gaydon, and his second, who survived him, being Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Finglas. Besides his eldest son Thomas, he left several children, including a daughter, who married Nicholas FitzSimons of Baldoyle, and a son Nicholas, who died in 1610.

In the previous year the latter made a will in which he mentioned that he had intended "to apply his study towards Oxford, then after to the Inns of Court", but that through want of means "he had altered his course" and intended to go into other countries "where he might attain the faculty of physic".

Luttrellstown was then considered one of the principal castles in the County Dublin. It had been, no doubt, enlarged several times, and in his will Simon Luttrell, when directing that for some years the timber at Luttrellstown should not be cut, excepts such as should be required for the building, as well as the expense of the house.

In his son's time we read of the great gallery furnished with cupboards and iron-bound chests in which the family papers were kept, and of the dining room with its tapestry hangings. There was then a mill in full working order on the lands, and at least one other house of considerable size besides the castle, within the parish of Clonsilla.

This house was occupied by a first cousin of the Chief Justice's, Nicholas Luttrell, who appears from his will, made in 1568, to have been a man of good position, possessed of flocks and herds and much household goods, including plate, which he divided amongst a somewhat numerous family.

The next owner of Luttrellstown, Thomas Luttrell, the eldest son of Simon Luttrell, was returned in 1613, with his relative Sir Christopher Plunkett of Dunsoghly, as Knight of the shire for the County Dublin, and took a prominent part in public affairs as one of the leaders of the Roman Catholic party in the House of Commons.

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