Sir Robert Long  of Wraxall and Draycot

(Sheriff of Wiltshire)

Born: ABT 1517

Died: ABT 1581

Father: Henry LONG of Draycot Cerne (Sir) (See his Biography)

Mother: Eleanor WROTTESLEY

Married: Barbara CARNE ABT 1546


1. Walter LONG (Sir) (See his Biography)

2. Jewel LONG (d. 1647)

3. Henry LONG (d. 1594)

5. Dau. LONG

6. Son LONG

Born in Wiltshire, eldest surviving son and heir of Sir Henry Long of Draycot, and his wife Eleanor Wrottesley.

Long was Esquire to the Body of Henry VIII. He is recorded as being present at the reception of Anne of Cleves, and together with his father, he served at the Siege of Boulogne. He was given the manor of Calstone near Calne in 1538 in a grant by Henry VIII, and at least part of this land was still controlled by the Long family in 1704, when the rent from one farm called Tossells was used for a Draycot charity.

He was appointed High Sheriff of Wiltshire in 1575, during the reign of Elizabeth I.

He married Barbara Carne and they had one daughter and four sons including: Sir Walter, Jewel (whose godfather was John Jewel, Bishop of Salisbury) and the murdered Henry.

Sir Robert's son Henry was murdered by Sir Charles and Sir Henry Danvers after a long-running feud between the neighbouring Danvers' and the Longs, in particular, Henry and his brother Sir Walter Long

Sir Robert Long died at Draycot in 1581 and his wife died at Bulford in 1605.

For more information see: Long family of Wiltshire
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