Geoffrey DORMER

Born: ABT 1353, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

Married: Eleanor DORRE


1. Geoffrey DORMER

Geoffrey DORMER

Born: ABT 1385

Died: AFT 1412, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

Father: Geoffrey DORMER

Mother: Eleanor DORRE

Married: Isabel BALDINGTON


1. Geoffrey DORMER

Geoffrey DORMER

Born: ABT 1408, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

Father: Geoffrey DORMER

Mother: Isabel BALDINGTON

Married 1: Ursula (Alice) COLLINRIDGE (b. ABT 1407) (dau. of Bartholomew Collinridge and Alice Fitzalan)


1. Alice DORMER

Married 2: Margaret LAUNCELYN (d. ABT 1454)


2. William DORMER

3. Michael DORMER (Sir Mayor of London)


Father: Geoffrey DORMER

Mother: Ursula (Alice) COLLINRIDGE

Married: Thomas CROKER


1. John CROKER (b. 1500)

Michael DORMER (Sir Mayor of London)

Died 20 Sep 1545

Notes: Mercer. Sheriff 1529-30. Mayor 1541/2. Knighted 2 Feb 1542; Auditor 1526-8; Master Mercers 1531, 1545; Will (PCC 38 Pynning) 17 Sep; proved 2 Oct.

Father: Geoffrey DORMER

Mother: Margaret LAUNCELYN

William DORMER

Born: ABT 1438, West Wycomb, Buckinghamshire, England

Died: BEF 22 Sep 1506, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

Father: Geoffrey DORMER

Mother: Margaret LAUNCELYN

Married: Agnes WOODVILLE


1. Robert DORMER of West Wycombe (Sir)

2. Agnes DORMER

3. Joan DORMER (b. ABT 1479)

4. Margery DORMER (b. ABT 1480)

5. Bridget DORMER


Born: 1482, Wycombe, Buckhamshire, England

Father: William DORMER

Mother: Agnes WOODVILLE

Married: John BALDWIN (b. 11 Aug 1470) Aston Clinton, Buckhamshire, England


1. Richard BALDWIN (b. 1505)

Bridget DORMER

Born: ABT 1483, Wycombe, Buckhamshire, England

Father: William DORMER

Mother: Agnes WOODVILLE

Married: Son BRITTAYNE

Robert DORMER of West Wycombe (Sir)

Died: 12 Jul 1552, Buckinghamshire, England

Notes: Had a grant of the manor Wenge, part of the possessions of the Abbey of St. Albans. High Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Well connected at court by his relations with the Seymour family. Before her marriage with Henry VIII, Jane Seymour had been engaged to one of the Dormer family, perhaps William Dormer, Sir Robert's son.

Father: William DORMER

Mother: Agnes WOODVILLE

Married: Jane NEWDIGATE


1. William DORMER (Sir Knight)

William DORMER (Sir Knight)

Born: 1503, Eythorpe, Buckinghamshire, England

Died: 17 May 1575, Wenge, Buckinghamshire, England

Notes: See his Biography.

Father: Robert DORMER of West Wycombe (Sir)

Mother: Jane NEWDIGATE

Married 1: Mary SIDNEY


1. Jane DORMER (D. Feria)

2. Anne DORMER

Married 2: Dorothy CATESBY ABT 1552


3. Catherine DORMER (B. St. John of Bletsoe)

4. Mary DORMER

5. Robert DORMER (1 B. Dormer of Wing)

6. Margaret DORMER

7. Richard DORMER

8. Francis DORMER

9. Anne DORMER

10. Peregrine DORMER


Born: 1525, Ascot, Buckinghamshire, England

Died: 1603, Louvain

Notes: In 1568 Hungerford sued his wife for divorce, alleging that she attempts to poison him in 1564 and had committed adultery between 1560 and 1568 with William Darrell of Littlecote and that she had had a child by him. 'Will Darrell' was a notorious loose-liver, and surviving letters from Anne Hungerford to her 'good Will' suggest that Hungerford's accusations of adultery and attempted poisoning were not unfounded. Nevertheless, two years later Sir Francis Englefield was able to report that 'my lady Hungerford's great suit has ended by sentence to her sufficient purgation, though neither sufficient for her recompense nor his punishment'.

Hungerford spent three years in the fleet prison, refusing to support his wife in separation or to pay the 250 pounds awarded her as costs in the suit, though willing, he afterwards asserted, to take her back. She eventually left England under a license obtained for her by the Earl of Leicester to visit her dying grandmother at Louvain. In Aug 1571 the Duchess of Feria wrote to ask that the license be extended from six months to two years, partly to allow Lady Hungerford to keep a safe distance from her husband. Anne took over her grandmother's household in Louvain after Lady Dormer's death and remained there. In 1573, she was granted a pension of 1,100 livres a year by the King of Spain and in 1583 he granted her a further pension of fifty escudos a month. Anne became friends with Margaret of Parma as well as with the other English exiles living in Flanders. After her only son died (the date of his death varies, depending on the source, from 1583 to 1587), Anne claimed that Hungerford was attempting to defraud their daughters of their portion. In his 1595 will, Hungerford left two farms to Margery Bright, his mistress for some years and the mother of four children by him, the last born after Hungerford's death. Upon hearing a rumor that Anne was dead, Hungerford married Margery shortly before he died with the result that both Anne and Margery sued to establish the right to inherit as Hungerford's widow. There was never any question but that the victory would go to Anne. During that same period, Anne involved herself in politics in Flanders, urging her sister, the widowed duchess of Feria, to leave Spain and travel to Brussels. She wrote a number of letters on the subject and seems to have been convinced that the duchess's journey would alarm Queen Elizabeth and turn the tide in King Felipe's favor in the ongoing war in the Netherlands. Anne's nephew, Don Lorenzo, 2nd duke of Feria, took steps to thwart this intrigue and Anne seems to have given up the plan around 1599. There is no record that she returned to England before her death in 1603 at Louvain.

Father: William DORMER (Sir Knight)

Mother: Mary SIDNEY

Married: Walter HUNGERFORD of Farleigh (Sir Knight) 1558, Suffolk, England






Associated with: William DARRELL of Littlecote


5. William DARRELL

Jane DORMER (D. Feria)

Born: 6 Jan 1538, Hayle, Buckinghamshire, England

Died: 13 Jan 1612, Madrid, Spain

Notes: half-sister of the Catholic former Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, had been the loyal companion of Mary Tudor; after Mary's death, she led several Tudor noblewomen into Catholic exile in Spain. Jane’s hand in marriage was sought by the Earl of Devon, the Duke of Norfolk, and Charles Howard, later earl of Nottingham, but she accepted the proposal of Don Gomez Suarez de Figueroa of Cordova, Duke of Feria, Felipe II's former representative in England. Raised broadly outside the influence of the Sidneys from the death of her mother in 1542, she spent her youth not only in the household of her paternal grandmother but also as a playmate of the young Edward VI who was very fond of the young Jane and is reported to have said after having beaten her at cards "now your king is gone Jane I shall be good enough for you" (by extension Jane would have been acquainted with Elizabeth I when she lodged with her half brother). Jane herself had been ill in Oct of 1558 but she returned to her dying mistress’s bedside in November and was entrusted with the errand of journeying to Hatfield to deliver Mary’s jewels to her sister and heir, Elizabeth Tudor. After Mary’s death, Jane lived with her grandmother, Jane Newdigate, Lady Dormer (d. 7 Jul 1571) at the Savoy Palace. Jane Dormer married the count of Feria on 29 Dec and left England in Jul 1559. Her party included her grandmother and six gentlewomen. Feria was quick to perceive how Elizabeth's accession would change the religious tide in England and, despite his formal role as Spanish ambassador, refused to attend Elizabeth's coronation in a public rejection of expected Protestant elements in the service. Jane’s son Lorenzo was born at Mechlin, at the court of Margaret of Parma. At Amboise, France the following spring, Jane began a friendship with Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, that lasted until the Queen’s execution. Upon reaching Spain, Feria and Jane settled at Zafra in Estremadura and Feria was created duke of Feria in 1567. Jane's interest in the cause of Catholicism in England did not cause her to cease a correspondence with Elizabeth but she also received letters from four Popes and numerous other contacts. Within Spain she was a champion of exiled English fallen on hard times. Jane proved so adept at running his estates after Feria’s death on 7 Sep 1571 that Felipe II considered naming her Regent of the Netherlands in 1592. In 1603, an Englishman named Henry Clifford entered her service and wrote her biography, possibly from her dictation, but it was not published until 1887. Her health never recovered from an accident in 1609 and she was bedridden from the start of 1611 - planning ahead she had already prepared a coffin she kept in the house. At her death on 1612, she was attended by seven priests. She was buried in the habit of a Franciscan tertiary.

Dormer,Jane(DFeria).jpg (112734 bytes)

Father: William DORMER (Sir Knight)

Mother: Mary SIDNEY

Married: Don GOMEZ SUAREZ De FIGUEROA (1 D. Feria)


1. Lorenzo SUAREZ De FIGUEROA (2 D. Feria) (b. 28 Sep 1559 - d. 1607) 

Catherine DORMER (B. St. John of Bletsoe)

Born: ABT 1549

Died: 23 Mar 1615

Buried: Westminster Abbey, London, England

Father: William DORMER (Sir Knight)

Mother: Dorothy CATESBY

Married: John St. JOHN (2 B. St. John of Bletsoe) AFT 28 Feb 1574/5, Bedfordshire, England


1. Anne St. JOHN (B. Howard of Effingham)


Born: ABT 1555, Eythorpe, Buckinghamshire, England

Died: 1637

Buried: Midhurst, Sussex, England

Notes: third dau.

Father: William DORMER (Sir Knight)

Mother: Dorothy CATESBY

Married 1: Anthony BROWNE (Sir) ABT 1569


1. Anthony Maria BROWNE (2 V. Montague)

2. Dorothy BROWNE

3. Jane BROWNE

4. Catherine BROWNE

5. George BROWNE

6. John BROWNE

Married 2: Edmund UVEDALE (Sir) (See his Biography) AFT Jun 1592

Married 3: Thomas GERARD (Sir) AFT Apr 1606

Married 4: William PELHAM

Margaret DORMER

Born: 1553, Eythorpe, Buckinghamshire, England

Died: 26 Apr 1637

Notes: a notable recusant who spent time in prison in 1592. She raised her children as pious Roman Catholics.

Father: William DORMER (Sir Knight)

Mother: Dorothy CATESBY

Married: Henry CONSTABLE of Burton Constable (Sir) ABT 1575

Dormer,Margaret01.jpg (69662 bytes)

Margaret Dormer

by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger


1. Dorothy CONSTABLE

2. Henry CONSTABLE (1 V. Dunbar)

3. Catherine CONSTABLE

4. Margaret CONSTABLE


6. John CONSTABLE (b. ABT 1584)

Robert DORMER (1 B. Dormer of Wing)

Born: 26 Jan 1551, Eythorpe, Buckinghamshire, England

Died: 8 Nov 1616, Wing, Buckinghamshire, England

Buried: 19 Nov 1616, Wing, Buckinghamshire, England

Notes: Letters of Sir Francis Englefield to Duchess of Feria in 1570 show plainly how Sir Robert Dormer, in his "old age" was in danger of falling away from the Roman Catholic interest. He was said to be beset by heretics (such as the Earl of Bedford) so that one letter quoted "he breathes their spirit" and "the use of ill company and all lack of good occasions of reviving a man's slow devotion to good things, in time corrupts the mind, affection and soul". It was hoped at the same time that his son's marriage with a daughter of Lord Montague would make him a "pillar to that family that shall succeed in that realm". This marriage did not make Sir Robert an open recusant but it kept him within the old circle and all his children married into Roman Catholic families. Between 1577 and 1586 there was an increase in recusants throughout the country due largely to the activities of Jesuits and seminary priests. In 1585 Sir Robert as High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire was ordered to draw up a list of recusants for the shire "that they may be compelled to pay their fines and provide horses for the queen's service". 22 names were included representing 15 families. Created a Bart. 10 Jun 1615. Baron Dormer of Wing 1615.

Father: William DORMER (Sir Knight)

Mother: Mary SIDNEY

Married: Elizabeth BROWNE ABT 1580


1. William DORMER (Sir)

2. Anthony DORMER of Grove Park

3. Robert DORMER of Peterley

4. Dorothy DORMER

5. Magdalen DORMER

6. Catherine DORMER

Anthony DORMER of Grove Park

Father: Robert DORMER (1 B. Dormer of Wing)

Mother: Elizabeth BROWNE

Married: Margaret TERRINGHAM (dau. of Henry Terringham) Warwickshire, England

Robert DORMER of Peterley

Father: Robert DORMER (1 B. Dormer of Wing)

Mother: Elizabeth BROWNE

Married: Mary BANNISTER (dau. of Edward Bannister)

Dorothy DORMER

Born: 1577

Father: Robert DORMER (1 B. Dormer of Wing)

Mother: Elizabeth BROWNE

Married: Henry HUDDLESTON (Esq.)

Dorothy Dormer

Formerly attributed to Nicholas Hilliard

Magdalen DORMER

Father: Robert DORMER (1 B. Dormer of Wing)

Mother: Elizabeth BROWNE

Married: John CURZON

Catherine DORMER

Born: ABT 1585, Warblington, Sussex, England

Father: Robert DORMER (1 B. Dormer of Wing)

Mother: Elizabeth BROWNE

Married: John CARYLL (b. 1564) (son of John Carryll and Mary Cotton) 1602, Warnham, Sussex, England


1. Anne Elizabeth CARRYLL (b. 1603)

2. John CARRYLL (b. 1603) (m. Catherine Petre)

William DORMER (Sir)

Died: BEF 1592

Father: Robert DORMER (1 B. Dormer of Wing)

Mother: Elizabeth BROWNE

Married: Alice MOLYNEUX (dau. of Richard Molyneux of Sefton and Frances Gerard)


1. Elizabeth DORMER

Elizabeth DORMER

Died: 31 May 1635, Worcester House

Buried: Raglan

Father: William DORMER (Sir)

Mother: Alice MOLYNEUX

Married: Edward SOMERSET (2 M. Worcester) 1628


1. Henry SOMERSET (1 D. Beaufort)

2. Anne SOMERSET (D. Norfolk)

3. Elizabeth SOMERSET (M. Powis) (b. ABT 1634 - d. 11 May 1691, St.Germain-en-Laye - bur. St.Germain-en-Laye) (m. William Herbert, 1 M. Powis, Jul 1654 London)


Born: ABT 1550, Eythorpe, Waddeston, Buckinghamshire, England

Married: George THROCKMORTON ABT 1570




Born: ABT 1520, Steeple-Barton, Oxford, England

Died: BET 1544 / 1630, Steeple-Barton, Oxford, England

Married: Anne DORMER (b. ABT 1527) 1556, Steeple-Barton, Oxford, England


1. Elizabeth DORMER

2. Stephen DORMER

3. Mary DORMER

4. William DORMER

Elizabeth DORMER

Born: ABT 1544, Steeple Barton, Oxford, England

Died: ABT 1594, Wolton, Isle Of Wight, Hampshire, England

Father: John DORMER

Mother: Anne DORMER

Married: Anthony LISLE (b. ABT 1540) (son of Thomas Lisle and Dau. Moore) ABT 1569, Wolton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England


1. William LISLE b. 1569 (m.1 Bridget Hungerford - m.2 Elizabeth Searle - m.3 Grace Potnall)

2. Anne LISLE (m. Henry Leigh)

3. Eleanor LISLE (m. Thomas Peckham)

4. Edward LISLE

Edward DORMER (Esq.)

Married: Catherine SAMPSON (b. 1496 - d. 9 Jan 1576) (m.2 Sir John Gresham)


1. Elizabeth DORMER

Elizabeth DORMER

Born: 1528

Died: 1615

Notes: John Gresham is buried in Sir Thomas Gresham's vault in St. Helen's Bishopgate. He lived in Bishopgate Street in 1562 and sold Mayfield to Sir Thomas Gresham, Knight. John was from North End, Fulham, Middlesex County, and Mayfield, County of Sussex. John was a Mercer in North End, Fulham, County of Middlesex. Member of Parliament for Horsham 1570. He married Elizabeth Dormer, dau. and heir of Edward Dormer, Esq. After the death of Elizabeth's father in 1539, her mother, Catherine Sampson, became the second wife of Elizabeth's father-in-law, Sir John Gresham, Knight of Titsey.

Father: Edward DORMER (Esq.)

Mother: Catherine SAMPSON

Married: John GRESHAM (b. 14 Mar 1528) (son of Sir John Gresham and Mary Ipswell) 15 Jul 1553, St. Michael's, Bassiahaw, England


1. Thomas GRESHAM (b. 1554)

2. William GRESHAM (b. ABT 1560)

3. Edmund GRESHAM (b. 1557)

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